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Stress & Health: Week 2 Fall Challenge

It is week 2 of the Fall Challenge. Congratulations to everyone who has decided to invest some space in your brain, time, and life to take care of yourself. The Fall Challenge is based on engagement with the Color My Day portion of the HealthTrac app. A video on how to do this was sent out to everyone signed up for the challenge and is posted here on the website. The Color My Day is a holistic way of looking at weight management. It does not just look at “calories in, calories out.” It also looks at sleep and stress. The blog here talks about sleep and weight management. Today’s blog is about stress and weight management, but also just about how stress relates to your health overall. Studies show that chronic stress can reduce the immune system, increase inflammation, and cancer risk, and is a major driver of the growth in the obesity and diabetes epidemic. When it comes to stress, a little is good, but a lot is bad. How do we know where the line is and cope when we have crossed it?

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